Emily Oberg wiki 2024 age height net-worth the Unique Path to Success in Fashion

In the dynamic world of fashion and media Emily Oberg stands as a prominent figure.

Born on January 9, 1994, in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, Emily has carved her path as a social media star, fashion designer and entrepreneur.

Her journey, transitioning from a middle-class upbringing to the creation of the acclaimed athletic streetwear brand Sporty & Rich, stands as a testament to her remarkable determination and inventive prowess.

Emily Oberg wiki details

Emily Oberg
Full NameEmily Oberg
Date of BirthJanuary 9, 1994
Place of BirthCalgary, Alberta, Canada
Father’s Namesoon updated
Mother’s Namesoon updated
SiblingsBrother (influenced her interest in fashion)
Zodiac SignCapricorn
Age29 years old (as of September 2023)
Current LocationNew York
ProfessionFashion Designer
HeightApproximately 6 feet 3 inches (191 cm)
WeightApproximately 57 kg (125 lb)
Eye Colorblack
Hair Colorbrown
Marital StatusNot specified in the available information
Relationship Statusin a relationship
EducationGraduated from Blanche Macdonald in fashion marketing
Career Highlights– Editorial producer for style at Complex
– Interviewed Grammy-winning pop star Pharrell Williams
– Creative lead at Kith Women
Fashion BrandFounder and owner of Sporty & Rich clothing brand
Net WorthEstimated to be $1 million
Instagram IDemilyoberg

Emily Oberg childhood

Emily Oberg

Emily’s roots are as diverse as her talents.

Her father hails from the Philippines while her mother is from Oregon, USA.

Despite her parents’ divorce during her childhood, Emily was fortunate to grow up with a strong support system.

She was significantly influenced by her aunt and grandmother throughout her childhood.

The family road journeys were a particularly memorable part of her early years.

He is affectionately referred to by Emily as the coolest dad in the world.

Her passion of adventure and discovery was sparked by her travels and these traits would eventually shape her sense of style.

Emily Oberg career  Beginnings

Emily Oberg

Unlike many, Emily didn’t follow the conventional path of pursuing a college degree.

Emily firmly believed that formal education wasn’t a necessary path to success, and she was resolute in her determination to demonstrate this.

It was her brother who first introduced her to the vibrant world of hip-hop culture, fueled by his passion for OG Rap songs and sneakers.

Simultaneously, her aunt, who worked as a fashion buyer for Club Monaco, exposed Emily to the enchanting and glamorous realm of fashion.

Remarkably, at the tender age of 10, Emily made a pivotal decision that would shape her future: she chose to pursue a career in the world of fashion.

In 2012, she took the first step by enrolling at Blanche Macdonald, a renowned makeup, beauty, and fashion school in Canada.

Simultaneously, she worked part-time at Aritzia, a women’s fashion boutique, to support her education.

In 2013, Emily graduated from Blanche Macdonald with a solid foundation in fashion marketing and communications.

She was successful because of her unwavering dedication and love of fashion.

Emily Oberg: A Rising Star

Emily Oberg

When Emily hit the age of 20 she decided to take a leap of faith and move to New York City to pursue her dreams.

Initially, she started her career as a fashion designer but her talents and ambitions extended far beyond that.

Her career reached new heights when she became an Editorial producer for style at Complex thrusting her into the spotlight.

It was during her tenure there that she had the incredible opportunity to interview the Grammy winning pop star Pharrell Williams a moment that would undoubtedly become a standout highlight of her career.

After her time at Complex, Emily joined Kith Women as a creative lead.

Her expertise in fashion and style continued to flourish earning her recognition as a prominent figure in the industry.

Today Emily Oberg is not only a successful fashion entrepreneur but also the proud owner of the Sporty & Rich clothing brand.

Emily oberg Personal Details

Emily Oberg

Standing tall at approximately 6 feet 3 inches (1.91 meters) and maintaining a weight of around 57 kilograms (125 pounds), Emily Oberg possesses both height and fitness.

Her zodiac sign is Capricorn known for its determination and discipline.

Emily is extremely mindful of her health and regularly shares her gym workouts on her Instagram account inspiring her followers to lead active and healthy lives.

Emily Oberg social media presence

Emily Oberg

With around 340,000 followers as of right now, Emily Oberg has seen steady growth on Instagram.

She continues to generously provide fashion advice, images of her daily life, and her own sense of style on her Instagram account.

Emily Oberg’s impact in the world of digital fashion and lifestyle is growing as more and more people become attracted to her interesting posts, establishing her place as a significant and important player in the sector.

Emily oberg net-worth

The estimated value of Emily Oberg’s net worth is $1 million.
Her successful job as a fashion designer and businesswoman serves as her main source of income.

Emily’s path to become the owner of the Sporty & Rich apparel company, which included her time as a creative producer for style at Complex while working in the fashion sector played a role in her financial success.

It’s important to keep in mind that net worth estimates might vary over time as a result of a variety of variables including company efforts and investments.

Who is dating emily oberg

Emily Oberg’s boyfriend, David Obadia holds significant sway in the fashion industry.

He owns companies like “Brooklyn We Go Hard (BWGH)” in New York and “Harmony Paris” in France, wielding considerable influence.

Their relationship became public in March 2019 when Emily posted a photo of them together.

It’s likely they crossed paths at a fashionable event, and by November 2018, they were deepening their connection.

Their collaboration with Asics, highlighted on Instagram, showcased their joint creative ventures, including their choice of model, Zaria Michelle.

facts about Emily Oberg

  • Multicultural Background: Emily Oberg has a mixed Filipino and American heritage that profoundly influences her perspective.
  • No College Degree: She opted not to pursue higher education, confident that it wasn’t necessary for her success in the fashion industry.
  • Early Fashion Exposure: Her aunt, who worked as a fashion buyer at Club Monaco, ignited Emily’s passion for fashion from a young age.
  • Educational Pursuits: Despite bypassing college, Emily graduated from Blanche Macdonald, a prestigious Canadian fashion school, specializing in fashion marketing and communications.
  • Complex Career: Emily worked as an Editorial producer at Complex, where she notably interviewed Grammy-winning artist Pharrell Williams.
  • Creative Lead: After her stint at Complex, Emily became a creative lead at the well-known fashion brand Kith Women.
  • Sporty & Rich: She’s the founder and owner of Sporty & Rich, a brand recognized for its athletic streetwear designs.
  • Height and Fitness: Emily stands at approximately 6 feet 3 inches and actively promotes fitness on her Instagram.
  • Global Inspirations: She’s passionate about exploring diverse cultures, foreign music, and distinctive fashion styles, all of which fuel her creativity.
  • Social Media Maven: With an Instagram following of 340,000, Emily Oberg has emerged as a prominent digital influencer, particularly in the fashion and lifestyle spheres.


The extraordinary influence of enthusiasm, persistent drive, and a keen interest in other cultures is shown through Emily Oberg’s life story.

Her multicultural upbringing and successful fashion profession serve as a great inspiration.

Emily’s unwavering commitment to the design industry her sincere admiration for many cultures and her gift for interacting with people on social media genuinely demonstrate her range of skills.

What are some of Emily Oberg’s favorite travel destinations for cultural inspiration?

Emily Oberg has not disclosed her favorite travel destinations publicly.

However given her passion for exploring diverse cultures it’s safe to assume that she seeks inspiration from various parts of the world which may include both well-known and off-the-beaten-path destinations.

How many Instagram followers does Emily Oberg have?

Emily Oberg has approximately 340,000 followers on Instagram.

Which fashion school did Emily Oberg graduate from?

Emily Oberg graduated from Blanche Macdonald, a prominent fashion school in Canada.

Is Emily Oberg’s fashion brand, Sporty & Rich, available worldwide?

Sporty & Rich has gained international recognition, suggesting that it is available to a global audience.

What are some of Emily Oberg’s hobbies and interests?

Emily Oberg enjoys exploring diverse cultures, reading literature, and listening to foreign music. She is also passionate about fashion and fitness.

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